Power and Energy
C-Energy Bohemia s.r.o.
Carpaterra's energy strategy is implemented through C-Energy Bohemia, a holding company of energy assets in the Czech Republic and Bulgaria. The Company's strategic vision lies in a combination of flexible, being traditional fossil fuels powered generation as well as renewable facilities like solar or wind. The principal asset of C-Energy is Plana Power Plant that combines fuel and gas fired 60MW in electricity installed capacity. The Plant is currently a super modern facility 100% operational either on coal or gas. The Plant technology includes coal and gas fired boilers, Siemens steam turbine, Rolls Royce gas fired engines and HRSG boilers. The Plant is one of the most advanced power plants in Europe, fully flexible in fuel while supplying hot water and steam in cogeneration, peak energy for a grid operator and auxiliary services to the national grid operator.

Real estate
CB City Park s.r.o.
The real estate strategy, residential and office reflects an opportunistic vision of Carpaterra. We believe there is a great number of projects that are either undervalued or mismanaged by the market or current owners. We take an opportunity to identify such and benefit from our hands on management and real estate know how. CB City Park works on developments, searches for opportunities and manages the projects. We redesigned the Dlouha louka project, built its residential part - 160 modern apartments in - three stages.

About us

  • Carpaterra Capital Partners is an independent principal investor and private equity advisor focused on investments within Central and Eastern Europe. Carpaterra is targeting investments in two key sectors – energy & power and real estate.
  • Carapterra's investment strategy is seeking value creation through consolidations, hands on management, restructurings and distressed assets revitalisations. The average investment period is five to seven years.
  • The cornerstone of our investment approach is value creation across countries and sectors. We are aiming for successful projects through balanced exposure, risk diversification and implementation of the hands on management style. Experience and composition of our management team fully match the targeted region and sectors' specifications.

Carpaterra's ultimate goal and long term objective is to build strong regional businesses with stable growth performance.